I Googled “font ramp,” and it opened my eyes to so much more

Using variables based on the font size for both fonts and whitespace enabled me to “work smarter, not harder” with little details that make a big difference.

Put that ruler away

In defense of brutalist web design

When I read a Washington Post article on “Brutalist Web Design,” I noticed a lot of people acted shocked that a website would intentionally be made ugly. But as a designer, I can think of perfectly valid reasons for it.

Read on. Brutal.

Minding the Fold

The Nielsen Norman Group stirred controversy when it published an article promoting the importance of “the fold,” when most UX designers agreed that the fold is dead. What if both camps are partially right?

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There’s so much more to talk about!

I’ve worked on many different teams and challenges. Some of that work hasn’t been published here yet—much of it can’t be. The best way to get to know what I have to offer is to talk shop over coffee.

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